Nita Johnson: Never Give up – 8/29/14

Must hear message by Nita Johnson to believe God for a change in America.

  1. Part one (8/29/14) : LISTEN or Download here
  2. Part two (9/5/14) : LISTEN or Download here
  3. Part three (9/12/14) : LISTEN Or Download here

Part one:
This is a message for the intercessors to not give up praying for mercy on the USA.
Here is an excerpt from her message:

…Sometimes,  when prophets are finished speaking, you find that their words have taken your faith away making prayer nearly impossible. Isn’t that true? I want to say to you, shame on you if you continue to listen to prophets who steal your faith. Shame on you! You should protect your faith. I say again, my friends, you should protect your faith. How can the Church pray with no faith? How can the Church stand in the gap with no faith? If the prophets are speaking to you and you feel your faith grow faint, get up and walk out because your faith to God is more precious than gold. Do you believe that?

Those who are praying today are standing in the gap so that God does not have to pour out His wrath. If that’s true, what does the devil want? He wants to take your faith and break it until you can no longer stand in the gap for the nation. Your prayers are of no value because you have no faith that God is going to listen to you. Now if you have a nation in America’s present state—you must stand in faith!  America is the blind one and in need of a Savior. You must stand!…